Correction and adaptation to chinese

Correction and adaptation to chinese
On many occasions the translations have not been of the level and quality expected. The dissatisfaction can be produced by several causes. Not only  grammatical mistakes are important.  In many cases  the content has not been adapted to the client that we want to arrive and our Company or product doesn´t hit the target.  With a good  adaptation to Chinese we will be able to add a key point for the success of an advertising campaign,  proving to be aware of the uniqueness of the Chinese culture.
To improve a translation, we start by performing a spelling, grammatical and typographic revision, modifying texts and adapting them to the current spelling and grammatical regulations, revising and introducing the adequate punctuation marks and correcting Characters without affecting the text set.
In a spelling, grammatical and typographic review we revise its contents, assuring their the typographic coherence.  Accents, quotation marks, fonts, italics, small capitals should, bold, paragraphs, headers, footers, titles and subtitles, leading and inter-spacing, notes, quotations, abbreviations, acronyms and symbols, etc.
In a second phase we made a Chinese adaptation of the text, with special attention to locating the text in the target Chinese market and the type of client to which our texts are dedicated. It is a cultural adaptation and must keep the whole original of the information, bringing the adaptation of the text to the readers of our Chinese translation.

Aspects needed for a Chinese adaptation:

  • Cultural references
  • Historical references
  • News and context in the collective of the inhabitants of the Chinese language
  • Nuances and way of expressing ourselves with our texts, taking care of the texts and knowing how to transmit, humour, irony and avoiding bad interpretations
  • Develop the  spontaneous and natural style of a native Chinese translator

Clearly and accurately transmit the commercial message, taking into account the economic and sociocultural features.


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