English interpreters in China

English interpreters in China
A good service of interpreters of English in China makes you earn money, reducing the time planned to reach the fixed objectives, solving problems thanks to your communication skills and bringing out the empathic link  with your partners in China.
Some of our interpretation services in China are:

  • Liaison interpreters in English and Chinese
  • Simultaneous interpreters in English and Chinese
  • Consecutive interpreters in English and Chinese

Management of procedures related with stays and trips in China:

  • Administration of business contact
  • Search of suppliers
  • Control of orders
  • Legal procedures
  • Planning  commercial expeditions
  • Visas
  • Hotel reservations and transport tickets
  • Schedule and calendar planning
  • Companions at fairs and exhibitions

Through our office in Shanghai, we manage our clients’ trips with professional interpreters:  experienced in international trade and with  a high level of English, they are  spread across cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, Tianjin, etc.

English interpreters in China
English interpreters in China

Our director of interpretation projects in Shanghai, with more than 10 years of experience  interpreting and as translation project manager, assures you an excellent management in business trips for foreign companies in China, becoming a direct contact for your stay, making your trip more fruitful and easy.

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