Chinese email translation


Communications have changed a lot, and a good chinese email translation gives your Company a real extra. In many occasions, foreign companies suffer a delay in the communication with China. This delay in a small management takes several days, so we have the ideal solution: we offer a  Chinese email translation service  that will perfectly fit you, working with your templates and signatures, being your best collaborator for the writing and translation of emails in Chinese.
Have your own Chinese assistant for the translation of emails into Chinese in real time, as if it were working for you in your own office. You have the option to create an email account with the domain of your company or to forward the emails and emails written by our translators to Chinese.
Imagine how much time and comfort you will earn and the feeling you can give to your customer in China by answering emails in Mandarin, Cantonese or Taiwanese. Write closely avoiding wrong interpretations due to the difficulty of the language.
Our translations are bidirectional, we translate in addition to the different languages spoken in China, English, Spanish and Dutch.
In dealing with the rate, each email has an increase of € 10 if its urgent, in the case of an express service and if the response is produced within a period of less than one hour, as long as it is a minimum translation.
The minimum translation is € 30 and can be included in the case of English, up to 300 words. In the case of translations from Chinese to English the minimum translation is 400 characters.
The deadline for non-urgent translation from the moment the email is received to its final translation is up to 4 hours, from 09:00 to 18:00 hours. Our recommendation is that you`d  better explain what your needs are and we would try to adjust the service in such a way to reduce costs and efforts, achieving maximum efficiency and the best image for your company with your contacts in China.

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