Website translation to Chinese

Understand the necessary aspects to obtain  an optimal website translation to Chinese.

Currently, Internet is the best showcase for your business. In the translation service of websites  you should perform the tasks in a comfortable and simple way.
You can choose between a literal translation or a SEO translation using the most used keywords in China if you want to position your website in Chinese searching engines like Baidu. But you can be sure that with our services your website translation to chinese will be accurate and profesional.
Taking into account the afore mentioned factor of positioning, it is necessary for your website to be translated into simplified Chinese. Only in very exceptional cases, in which our client is located in places that speak Taiwanese or Cantonese, other translation options would be necessary. We must bear in mind that in China almost all of its population can be communicated in Mandarin, so the simplified Chinese option is the most global and correct one.

We offer you the possibility of having our translators to publish the contents directly on your WEB or CMS. Forget completely the process and see your website translated into Chinese with the highest quality in record time, we have tools to account for all the words of your web automatically, including meta-data such as titles, descriptions, keywords, alt texts and image names.

 website translation to chinese

Here are some of the aspects we offer to position WEBS in China:

  • Translation of keywords in pinyin, to improve in web positioning in Baidu
  • Publication of the sitemap in Baidu
  • Link with baidu analytics
  • Registration in the thematic directories of the web in Baidu
  • Dubbing of promotional videos from the web

The optimal idea is to develop your company’s website following, from the beginning, the construction rules for an optimized website in China, remember that if you do not have a website, we will create it for you.
For your website in China we also take care of:

Advice on hiring hosting and domains in China.


Customized service  to create your website for SEO in BAIDU.