Specilists in chinese translation

We are an agency specialized in chinese  translation and interpretation, formed by professionals that provide you the necessary tolos and services to atract the chinese community to your business.

What does your Company need?

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We offer your company translation, interpretation, locution and marketing services.


Specialists in translations from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English, all our works are reviewed by several translators avoiding mistakes and resulting in an accurate and fluent translation.

Chinese translation


Service of native professional interpreters in England and China that will help you to achieve magnificent business relations with your Chinese clients, having any situation that may arise, under control.

Chinese interpreters


Locution of radio spots, recording of audio-guides, dubbing of advertising spots, video games in Mandarin and Cantonese with a variety of native speakers in professional and accredited Chinese  studios.

Chinese speakers


Webs optimized for searching engines in China. Get the best SEO with factors such as hosting, answering messages in Chinese and the name of the domain.

Marketing in China