Your chinese interpreter in the UK

Find the Chinese interpreter that best suits your needs in any city in The United Kingdom. Establish good business relations with your customers, thanks to the best service, tailored to your needs and your budget.
Our Chinese interpreters provide the following interpretation services to your company:

  • Consecutive interpreting: the interpreter waits until the speaker has finished speaking before translating his words into the target language. The interpreter is usually seated or standing very close to the speaker and takes detailed notes. The objective is to allow the speaker to express a «complete idea».
  • Simultaneous interpretation: ideal for conferences or seminars, it  consists in real-time translation without limit on the number of listeners.
  • Whispered interpretation: is a variant of consecutive or simultaneous interpretation and it is performed for a maximum of two people. The interpreter is placed next to the person who needs his service and whispers in his ear.
  • Liaison or bilateral interpretation: the interpreter transmits what is said in a dialogue between two or more people and is used for business, commercial, domestic and tourist environments.
  • Telephone interpreting: the telephone channel is used as a means of communication through one or more interpreters. The interpreter translates by phone, making it possible for listeners and speakers to communicate with each other.

We advise you to provide us with the greatest detail about the service in advance. In this way we can anticipate,  asimprovisation is not the best strategy when you want to achieve a goal. In order to facilitate a budget with the utmost accuracy,You can forward the following information about the service:

  • Type of interpretation service (link, consecutive, simultaneous):
  • Type of Visit:
  • Location:
  • Languages:
  • Working day:
  • Number of days:

For more information you can consult our gallery of Chinese interpreters in The United Kingdom. Acces through the following link to the list of chinese interpreters in The United Kingdom and China.

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