Chinese subtitles edition

The Chinese subtitles edition helps us to make known our contents to people who do not understand the language in which the audio is presented, creating subtitles translated in Mandarin, English or Cantonese from an original audio or transcribed from an audio   already translated.
We offer the option of a file created with a text processor, synchronized, or we do the editing of the video. Through the actions of translating and subtitling the video of your company, you will gain attractiveness by creating a product that will be globally propagated in China.
Captioning involves preparing the translated text at the bottom of the screen so that it matches the audio in a harmonious and synchronized way.
Phases for editing Chinese subtitles:

  • Quality Control and video preparation: Check that the audio and the video have an optimal quality and that they are correctly finished.
  • Translation: A specialized translator should ensure that subtitles make sense in relation to the original audio, taking care of cultural considerations and adapting idiomatic expressions.
  • Revision: A second translator must verify that all the subtitles have been translated correctly and that they are easily readable.
  • Creation and Delivery: Choose the type of font, size, and color for the text line, taking into account the audience to which the video is intended. It is very important that the visualization is simple and light because with the characters the reading is more tired. We must take into account the multimedia player to embed the subtitles in the video file and make compatible the external text file that will accompany the image and the audio.
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